Brut Rosé 2019


Price is for a case of 6 bottles

I consider this to be one of our most exciting releases to date. We may have 40% less, but I reckon you get 40% more in your glass in sheer concentration and character. 2019 was quite a bizarre year that had a lot of heat, but also a lot of rain at times, especially at harvest. This seemed to favour the early ripening Pinot Noir and Meunier, which we got in before the rain and whose characters dominate the style of our 2019 wines. In that sense it has a number of similarities to 2015 which was another great Pinot year. Because of that this Rosé has immense structure, texture and depth and at the time of writing feels like a coiled spring that’s ready to pop when summer finally get’s here. Saying that it’s certainly one of those wines that will reward those patient enough to put some bottles aside, a hard job I know for our Rosé lovers.

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