Good winemaking is paying attention to all the little details along the processes

Wineries are expensive. Sparkling wineries, even more so.

But the fact is that if we want to really get the best out of the grapes that we have spent a whole year tending, and make sure they retain that quality all the way through to your glass, then we have to have the right equipment…and close by. Our winery has no frills. But at every step of the winemaking process we have invested in the best; the right piece of ‘kit’ for the job. Traditional method sparkling wine is more complicated than any other winemaking process, because of those fine bubbles! Every stage is done in-house with meticulous care and attention. Good winemaking is paying attention to all the little details along the process, that when added together give the wine a great quality.

We ferment separately, in small stainless steel tanks, all the different areas of the vineyard, and all three different grape varieties, so that when it comes to blending we have as many options as possible available to us. We also ferment about 30% of our wines in aged oak ‘Bordelaise’ barrels to give extra character and complexity to the final wines. It’s like Tetris, nature gives us different shaped blocks every year and we have to arrange them to have a ‘complete’ wine.

Our Wines

We are solely dedicated to the production of Traditional Method sparkling wines. Our aim is to express the unique character of this single vineyard in both our Vintage & Non-Vintage blends.

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