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Why do a blog? Well initially it was suggested to me it would help with our website SEO (search engine optimization). Not something that has ever really played on my mind! Most of our website traffic is from people who are actively searching our name or purchasing through one of our pre-sells. But it did get me thinking it would be a great way of downloading information that gets stuck in my head, normally stopping me sleeping properly. It baffles Kaye why thinking about the different chalk member groups or soil compaction would keep me awake at night, but we’re all different I guess. Probably the same reason why I have more pictures of machinery parts on my phone than my kids.

Anyhow! There is no theme here, just a load of random thoughts on the winemaking world and beyond. As a teaser we do have some very interesting projects coming up, and this journal will hopefully give some great insight. I might also hopefully get some of the team to post things on subjects they are actively involved in. Watch this space.