Family owned, single vineyard, traditional method English Sparkling Wines.

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Certified June 2023

About Harrow & Hope

Harrow & Hope is truly a labour of love. A very small, family team with a belief that – with hard work and good fortune – the flint laden slopes above Marlow will yield a Sparkling Wine to rival the world’s greatest.

Our Story

A relationship between man, vine and flint

No matter what you do to a wine during the winemaking process, it is ultimately the soil and what’s beneath it which will define its long-term character.

Our Vineyard

Quality is in the details

Wineries are expensive. Sparkling Wineries, even more so. But the fact is that if we want to really get the best out of the grapes that we have spent a whole year tending, and make sure they retain that quality all the way through to your glass, then we have to have the right equipment…and close by.

Our Winery

The spirit of adventure

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