Blanc de Noirs 3 Vintage Gift Set


This gift set includes:

  • 1 bottle 2017 Blanc de Noirs
  • 1 bottle 2018 Blanc de Noirs
  • 1 bottle 2019 Blanc de Noirs

About the Blanc de Noirs 2017


About the Blanc de Noirs 2018

Unlike the 2015, this release is 100% Pinot Noir. This decision was taken to hone in on one particular part of the vineyard, where clay and chalk combine to give a complete wine without the need for blending varieties. It takes time to understand your vineyard and what areas consistently give the best results, but our knowledge has come a long way since the early years.

What is noticeable about this wine is how elegant, restrained and fresh it is, despite coming from such a hot year. It certainly has a softness that gives a hint of its birth year, but the acid is still evident giving me great confidence in its long term ageing ability. It has that lovely blackcurrant character that was present on the 2015 and we increased the barrel fermentation element to 47%, which gives it a lovely texture and weight.

About the Blanc de Noirs 2019

After the bold, broad, and almost brutish 2018 release, the 2019 is cut from a different cloth. A cooler and less abundant year suited the Pinot considerably better than the Chardonnay. 80% of this wine is fermented using natural wild yeast in a selection of different-sized oak barrels. It certainly has that signature Pinot intensity but is wrapped in an elegant and refined structure that is a hallmark of 2019. For those who remember 2015, this is very similar in structure and a wine that continues to develop a singular identity that makes it stand out from the crowd, no doubt our most complex wine to date.